When various nutrients in the nanoparticles are absorbed through the skin. The entire face may become itchy. This is common the first few days of use as your body adjusts to the new routine.

Even if you are careful not to get the product around your eyes, When the cosmetics are absorbed into the skin, the ingredients of the cosmetics can still get absorbed into the eyes through the surrounding area, this will cause ocular irritation for a while (about 1 to 3 months). Occasionally the tear ducts can become blocked when the cosmetics are absorbed into the skin, during this time tears will have a harder time forming but this will go away. By this time, even if you use the same amount of cosmetics, your eyes will have adjusted and not appear as puffy as often if at all. If the eye is uncomfortable and the feeling difficult to endure, eyedrops should be added before & after the product is used, or the amount of cosmetics used should be reduced.

The feeling of tightness is the longest-lasting phenomenon when you use the product. The feeling of tightness will last longer than other side effects. This is because cosmetics have been absorbed into the skin. Therefore, the tight feeling starts from the first day of using the product. Nano bio-products tend to give a dry feeling in winter as well. Since the active ingredients in the nanoparticles enter the skin, the moisturizing power of the skin tends to be lower than the power of the cosmetics, so the skin can feel tight and dry. After basic skincare is absorbed, soothing cream should be sufficiently applied before using CC cream. When the dryness is severe in winter, applying Soothing Cream over CC cream can alleviate it.

Many people complain that it can be uncomfortable to use cosmetics. The skin is very dry because the lipid layer of the lamellar structure of the epidermal stratum corneum, which is a skin protective barrier, has collapsed. When the lipid layer falls off, the face becomes dry. It is because of the synthetic surfactants of cosmetics that you have been used for a long time. This skin can become sore and painful if you start using the product from the solution toner. It can be sore and painful because the nanoparticles containing various ingredients penetrate into the stretched skin. The use of face wash and basic skincare, which used to contain a lot of synthetic surfactants used in the past, should be stopped.

Many people worry if their skin tone brightens too quickly. People tend worry about what ingredients are in our cosmetics. They could concerned about the presence of heavy metals such as mercury and lead. However the reason why the skin is quickly cleared, the whitening effect appears through using nano-bio cosmetics. It can happen quickly when the cream is absorbed into the skin.

Since the skin is more active than usual within a few days after using the product, it is possible to cause a problems and skin irritation. This is because the skin is adjusting to the new skincare routine and is doing what we call a “purge/detox.” This is a phenomenon occurs in the early stages of product use as it adjusts to the new product which expelling any remnants of the the past product you may have used. You should keep using the product to help your skin get used to the new regime and the blemishes should clear up relatively quickly

The reason why we call epidermal cells “keratinocytes” is because all the cells differentiated from the epidermis rise up to the surface to harden and flake off as its being replaced by new cells. After about 7 days of using the product, the epidermis is activated and the keratin becomes much more activated, but in simpler terms, means you’ll see an increase of flaking skin. Even if you wash your face in the morning, you may have dead skin over your makeup during the day. This hyper- keratinization phenomenon is also a process that everyone must go through. Therefore, for 2-3 months of product use, you should take care of keratin by applying Make bubbles and leave it on your face for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash it off to help manage dead skin cells. If you have too much keratin, the makeup will be uncomfortable and the scales will appear during the day, causing some discomfort.

After using the product the epidermis is activated, and after about 7 days, the skin condition fluctuates in quality At this time, depending on what product the customer has used, the face may become dark, blotchy, or nodular. This change is due to the rapid rise and fall of the dead skin cells. If your skin looks duller and worse today, make bubbles and leave it on your face for 20 to 30 minutes and wash off while drinking plenty of water and a deep sleep will help.

Freckles and blemishes are common insecurities for people who want clear skin. However, the skin actually makes these melanosomes (darker skin cells to protect itself) and melanocytes make up 5% of the skin. The cells that make blemishes are present in the basal layer (where skin pigment is) of the epidermis, which is visible to us, is that melanosomes are activated from the basal layer. When the epidermis is activated, all of the melanosomes present on the skin are pushed out of the skin, and this point is about 7 days before/after using the product. Therefore, it is necessary to guide in advance so that customers do not worry. The period of increased blemishes is about 2~3 months after using the product, and if you use it steadily for more than 6 months, you can meet clean skin with no traces of blemishes.

Thin wrinkles formed on the skin disappear quickly, but more wrinkles that have not existed before treatment can occur. Wrinkles are a phenomenon in which the border between the upper and lower layer of the skin becomes irregular as the collagen tissue of the dermis collapses. When the dermis (inner layer) starts to activate with the use of the product, the border between the epidermis (outer layer) and the dermis (inner layer) becomes more irregular and the wrinkles appear more outwardly. Of course, it is temporary. Because the activity of the dermis makes layers skin the boundary between the epidermis and the dermis more irregular, the wrinkles appear more until the dermis is filled completely filled. Caustic wrinkles are formed in winter. When the weather gets colder, the skin contracts to maintain body temperature. The principle that water on the skin evaporates soon and phospholipids (nano-bio components) and oils left on the skin form caustic wrinkles along with the facial muscles. Therefore, in winter, it is better to reduce the solution toner to a small amount and use soothing cream. When the weather is below zero, it is good to go out after the moisturizer applied in the morning is sufficiently absorbed. When caustic wrinkles occur, it is helpful to use soothing cream over CC cream repeatedly.

The process of removing wrinkles involves filling up the gaps in the dermis layer of the skin, which can cause the skin to look puffy and swollen. If the skin is looking too swollen for your liking use a smaller amount of cream.

On the other hand some skin will have sensitive reactions to our cream causing swelling. If this is the cause use cold towel compresses on the swollen area and irritate your skin as little as possible until the swelling goes down

Folliculitis (a red rash-like occurrence) can happen when a younger person, such as in his 20s or 30s, applies a lot of nano-bio cosmetics. In normal cases it should clear up on its own, however if it persists you should stop using cosmetics.

When nano-bio cosmetics penetrate the skin, some of the natural ingredients can also cause skin irritation. In the early stage of using our product, if you use a large amount of cream or use a large amount of solution tone, it can cause a decent amount of irritation. Therefore, you should wash your face using a non-irritating cleansing methods . If you feel any irritation, use a cold towel, or stop using the product for a few days, soothe the skin using a soothing cream and then try it again.


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